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Welcome to EPT:
the unrivaled market leader in essential power and energy solutions.

Our unwavering commitment to innovation and service excellence sets us apart as the preferred partner for businesses of all scales in Australia.

With a dedicated team of factory-trained experts, EPT ensures uninterrupted power supply, giving you the confidence to focus on what truly matters – your business.

EPT's Vision: Redefining Power and Energy Solutions

At EPT, we've embraced a forward-thinking philosophy that reimagines the way businesses interact with power. Our comprehensive suite of services, combined with our cutting-edge uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems, transforms power challenges into opportunities for growth and stability.

Elevating Power Continuity to New Heights

With an illustrious track record, EPT stands as a beacon of reliability in designing, installing, and servicing essential power solutions. Our team’s deep industry knowledge and innovative spirit empower us to anticipate and address the evolving needs of Australian businesses, ensuring seamless operations in the face of power disruptions.

Empowering Expertise: Our Factory-Trained Technicians

The true strength of EPT lies in our people – the factory-trained technicians who possess unparalleled expertise in the realm of power systems. Meticulously skilled and equipped with the latest insights, our technicians work hand in hand with you to craft bespoke UPS solutions that align seamlessly with your business objectives.


Why Entrust Your Power Needs to EPT?

Depth of Expertise

EPT houses a team of seasoned professionals whose knowledge in power systems is second to none. From initial assessment to ongoing support, our experts provide comprehensive insights that go beyond the surface.

Customised Approach

We recognise that the foundation of impactful solutions lies in understanding your business intricacies. EPT’s approach is steeped in personalised collaboration, ensuring the UPS solution we design seamlessly integrates into your operations.

Innovation at the Core

Our commitment to innovation isn’t just a slogan – it’s a guiding principle. With real-time monitoring, remote management, and efficient energy conversion, EPT’s UPS solutions are a testament to our dedication to cutting-edge technology.

Holistic Partnership

EPT’s journey with you extends beyond installation. Our end-to-end services encompass design, deployment, maintenance, and emergency support. This holistic partnership minimises disruption and maximises efficiency.

Unwavering Reliability

In a world where consistency is paramount, EPT’s UPS solutions stand tall. Your critical operations remain unscathed, thanks to our systems’ unwavering reliability and steadfast performance.

Sustainability Emphasis

EPT’s commitment to sustainability reverberates through our UPS systems. Through energy optimisation and waste reduction, we don’t just safeguard your operations – we contribute to a greener tomorrow.

EPT's Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Solutions: Where Innovation Meets Resilience

Customised Resilience for Your Business

EPT’s UPS systems transcend conventional power solutions. We understand that your business is unique, which is why our UPS solutions are designed to be adaptive. 

From initial consultation to system deployment, our focus remains on tailoring resilience that aligns with your industry’s nuances.

Seamless Power Transition through Advanced Technology

Experience the future of power continuity with EPT’s advanced UPS technology. In a fraction of a second, our systems detect power anomalies and seamlessly transition to battery power, safeguarding your equipment from potential harm. This meticulous attention to detail minimises data loss and operational disruptions.

Industry-Centric Solutions: Powering Diverse Sectors

In a landscape where industries vary vastly, EPT stands as a versatile partner. Mining, rail, manufacturing, IT – regardless of your sector, our UPS solutions are meticulously calibrated to meet the unique energy requirements of your operations.

We work with a range of industries

Regardless of the size or industry, we are confident we can protect and optimise your business.






Facilities Management


Elevate Your Business Resilience with EPT

No longer allow power fluctuations to hold your business hostage. Choose EPT as your steadfast partner in securing uninterrupted power supply and optimizing energy solutions. Let's embark on a journey where innovation meets unwavering service excellence.

Reach out to us today for a consultation, and discover firsthand how our uninterruptible power supply solutions can reshape your business's energy landscape.

Our Testimonial

What our client’s say about us

Roy Hill have been engaged with EPT for all of our UPS supplies and service works for the past 5 years. We have found them to be instrumental with their technical knowledge, customer service and emergency call out services.


Jason Russell
Engineer IT Data Centre & Hardware | Roy Hill
Our Testimonial

What our client’s say about us

I have trusted EPT to be a support partner over many years and for many organisations. The service delivered has always been professional regardless of the job size – big or small. EPT are respected for their knowledge, professionalism and integrity. Graeme Bassula and the team at EPT can be relied upon to deliver support and solutions in all environments.

Brad Crew
ICT Project Manager

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