All EPT clients receive our critical after-sales preventive maintenance so you can have confidence in the uninterrupted performance of your UPS systems.

Critical maintenance is performed onsite by our professional manufacturer-trained and certified technicians. This includes testing and calibration of the required parameters to ensure your UPS and batteries are operating at optimum levels.

Our maintenance inspections cover all major system components to identify any potential issues before they lead to system failure. Making repairs before critical outages occur helps avoid major expenses and extend the life of your equipment.

Our service level agreement clients receive specialised services, including:

Onsite preventative maintenance

All EPT clients receive our critical after-sales preventive maintenance, so you can be confident in the reliability of your UPS systems and associated power equipment.

To ensure your power supply continues working to full capacity, EPT will contact you when your UPS system is due for preventative maintenance. During this maintenance, your UPS systems and associated equipment (including batteries, remote bypass switches, etc) are serviced with a complete test and calibration. This will also include important battery autonomy performance tests, ensuring your UPS and batteries are operating at optimum levels.

24-hour technical helpline

As one of our priority clients, you have direct communication with our team of technicians for all your power-related concerns. Our 24/7 technical helpline is there to provide assistance and support as and when your business needs.

Don’t hesitate to reach out, whether you have questions about your existing UPS, require assistance troubleshooting, or are just looking for information to help make power-related business decisions.

Emergency call outs and priority availability

We understand power outages and disruptions can have a severe impact on business outcomes, and this is one of the primary reasons you have chosen to use a UPS. That’s why we prioritise emergency call outs and address critical issues as quickly as possible.

Should your UPS require urgent attention, all contract clients can rely on EPT responding promptly and being on-site within a specified timeframe - day or night.

Whether your business has a specific product need or is undertaking a larger power project, EPT has the expertise and resources to help you meet your goals.

Contact us today for an obligation-free conversation.

Keep your services and systems online
in the event of a power outage