Save Costs With Efficient Power Solutions

When it comes to why businesses need power efficiency services, the answer lies in rising energy prices and increasingly stringent government regulations on carbon emissions.

Every year electricity prices rise—and this trend shows no sign of slowing down, which means businesses must find ways to regulate their energy usage or face mounting costs. 

Our power efficiency services are designed to help businesses reduce their energy consumption and ultimately save money. 

In addition to reducing costs, our power efficiency services can also improve operational performance, enhance customer satisfaction, and contribute to the environmental sustainability objectives of your organisation.

Our comprehensive approach focuses on identifying areas where savings can be made through improvements in energy management strategies and technologies.

We aim to reduce the amount of electricity consumed while simultaneously increasing output with minimal capital investments, allowing companies to save money without sacrificing performance or productivity. This approach can be tailored according to an organisation’s needs and goals for energy conservation. 

Energy Saving Projects last 12 months.

Reduction of 


Tonnes of Carbon Dioxide equivalent

Reduction of power consumption equivalent to 

Australian homes

Power efficiency services provide a way for companies to meet their financial goals while keeping up with production needs and ESG commitments associated with running modern-day businesses.

Let us help you find the perfect solution for your energy needs.

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Jason Russell

Engineer IT Data Centre & Hardware | Roy Hill

Roy Hill have been engaged with EPT for all of our UPS supplies and service works for the past 5 years. We have found them to be instrumental with their technical knowledge, customer service and emergency call out services.

Brad Crew

ICT Project Manager

I have trusted EPT to be a support partner over many years and for many organisations. The service delivered has always been professional regardless of the job size – big or small. EPT are respected for their knowledge, professionalism and integrity. Graeme Bassula and the team at EPT can be relied upon to deliver support and solutions in all environments.

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