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Protect your mission-critical equipment with EPT’s range of services and products.

Site specific and cost effective complete turn-key or customised solutions for your business.

complete turn-key solutions

A custom designed solution to fit your long-term backup power needs.

EPT’s experienced team will provide total project management, allowing a seamless integration into your existing infrastructure. Whether you’re remodelling, building or expanding your facility, EPT will ensure there is minimum disruption to your business.

maintenance contracts

EPT’s versatile technicians are experienced with your facilities, structure and layout. This level of service offers contracted clients a priority system, with access to 24/7 technical support and emergency call out services. Ensure optimum performance of your UPS and associated equipment.

onsite maintenance

Critical preventative maintenance performed onsite by EPT’s professional technicians. Includes testing and calibration of the required parameters to ensure your UPS and batteries are operating at optimum levels. EPT will contact you to arrange all important performance tests. Have confidence in the continuous running of your UPS systems and associated equipment.

onsite power audit

Thorough inspection of your existing facility to determine onsite power requirements. This includes performance testing of equipment to highlight areas requiring refinement. EPT’s auditing team will establish exact specifications, and proactively advise necessary replacements and repairs.

workshop repairs

EPT’s high-capacity workshop is fully equipped for quick a turn-around of equipment repairs and operational testing. Avoid delays and ensure your facility resumes essential functionality.

battery replacement

To keep your systems online every time, EPT stocks a wide range of high quality brands and battery sizes. EPT’S power professionals will work with you to determine your comprehensive battery requirements. We’ll ensure timely replacement to maintain efficiency of your critical power systems.

24hr technical helpline

Direct communication with a UPS technician for all contracted clients. This is not an answering service, our 24/7 technical helpline gives you peace of mind that assistance will be available when you need it most.

lease equipment

Access to a wide range of quality power protection equipment. Available immediately for short or long-term lease.

brands to rely on