Jason D’lugi

Jason D’lugi

Director – Chief Operations Officer

Jason is a highly motivated, results-driven COO with extensive operational experience successfully delivering streamlined and efficient business systems to enhance and transform business capability and performance.

Jason has a wealth of knowledge in the electrical, communications and security sectors and broad experience in operations, business development, customer relationship management, supported by proven financial and compliance management capabilities. These skills have assisted in delivering the business goals achieved to date and EPT being the most prominent independent protected power solutions provider within Western Australia.

He is a Team Leader working collaboratively with a high-performing team to deliver key performance targets, providing mentoring, development, motivation, and support to enhance team performance. Jason’s solid and insightful process analysis, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills, along with broad knowledge and understanding of industry products and services, legislation, and governance, able to influence and build professional relationships with internal and external stakeholders.

Keep your services and systems online
in the event of a power outage