PowerShield Platinum Modular

True Online Double Conversion UPS 20-240KW

The Platinum Modular UPS Range is Power Shield’s Premium Range of modular UPSs designed with Australian conditions and high end
requirements in mind. The technology is based on a tried and tested platform ensuring reliability and performance.

The Platinum Modular is designed to be used in a wide range of applications from data centres to manufacturing, hospitals, military and mining
environments to name a few. It provides the best power solution for your critical equipment.

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• The modular N+1 / N+X topology provides for an ultra reliable uninterruptable power supply to the load.
• Modular design is applied in power module, static switch module and battery module. This simplifies maintenance and replacement with low Mean Time To Repair (MTTR).
• As a result of modular design the Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) is significantly increased.

High scalability
• The UPS that grows with your business. As your power demand increases simply add more power modules.
• Digital Signal Processor (DSP) control provides a reliable solution with high performance.

High efficiency online double conversion
• The Platinum Modular utilises true online double conversion technology with an efficiency of up to 96%. This significantly reduces overall Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Ease of installation and maintenance
• Built-in maintenance bypass switch assures continuous power to critical loads during UPS maintenance. To facilitate installation and maintenance, all panel control connectors are accessible from the front.

Flexible battery configuration
• Allows for options of 32, 36 or 40 batteries per string.  Adjustable charging current
• Platinum Modular provides maximim 6A for 20kW and 8A for 30kW charging current for every power module and it is adjustable based on requirement

Graphic 5.7” Screen/Mimic/LCD Display

• Designed for easy management, Platinum Modular is equipped with a 5.7” graphic LCD screen. This interactive LCD display gives information on the unit’s operation, alarm and control. The LCD also includes an informative mimic display.

Unity output power factor
• Platinum Modular delivers unity output power (kVA=kW) providing the maximum power capacity to mission critical loads. It satisfies the requirements of the latest servers and optimises IT investment.


MODEL Platinum Modular 90KW Platinum Modular 120KW Platinum Modular 120KW Platinum Modular 180KW Platinum Modular 240KW
Phase 3 phase in/3 phase out
Max Cabinet Capacity 90KW 120KW 120 or 80KW 180KW or 120KW 210KW
One Power Module Capacity 30KVA/30KW 30KVA/30KW or 20KVA/20KW 30KVA/30KW
Max. Power Nodule No. 3 4 4 6 8
Battery Type Built in battery External battery
Max. Battery Drawers PSBD10/9 12 x PSBD10/9
(120 X 12V*9Ah)
20 x PSBD10/9
(200 X 12V*9Ah)

Nominal voltage (Vac) 3 x 380/400/415 (3Ph+N)
Voltage Range 305-478 VAC at 100% load; 208-304 VAC at <70% load
Nominal Frequency 50/60Hz (Auto sensing)
Frequency Range 40Hz-70Hz
Input Power Factor >0.99 at 100% load, >0.98 at 50% load
Harmonic Distortion (THDi) <3% @ 100% load

Nominal voltage (VAC) 3 x 380/400/415 (3Ph+N)
Voltage Regulation (Steady state) ±1% Typical (balanced load); ±2% Typical (unbalanced load)
Voltage Regulation (Transient) ±5% Typical
Nominal Frequency 50/60Hz
Frequency Range (Synchronised range) 46Hz-54Hz or 56Hz-64Hz
Overload Capability 1 hour for 110%, 10 mins for 125%, 1 min for 150% and 200ms for >150%
Harmonic Distortion 1.5% THD (Linear Load), 4% THD (Non-Linear Load)
Efficiency Up to 96%

Battery Options 32pcs or 36pcs or 40pcs (configurable)
Temperature Compensation Yes
Maximum Charging Current 90KW-120KW – 8A; 120KW-180KW – 8A for 30KW, 6A for 20KW power module; 240KW – 8A

Operation Temperatures 0-40ºC (Note: De-rate output PF. 30-35ºC  PF=0.9.  36-40ºC PF=0.8)
Relative Humidity 0-95% non-condensing
Altitude <1000m for Nominal power (Note: UPS output power must be de-rated by 1% per 100m above 1000m)
IP Class  IP 20

RS232/USB/Dry Contacts  RS232 & USB Supportgs Windows, Linux and MAC/Dry contacts included
Optional SNMP Power management from SNMP manager and web browser

Safety IEC/EN 60950-1; IEC/EN 62040-1
EMC IEC/EN 62040-2 Category C3

PowerShield Platinum Modular UPS system – Brochure

20KW Power Module – User Manual

30KW Power Module – User Manual

DxWxH (mm)
PSPM30 3P/3P 30KVA/30KW UPS module 650x440x132(3U) 35
PSPM20 3P/3P 20KVA/20KW UPS module 650x440x132(3U) 34
PSBD10/9 Battery drawer includes 10 pcs of 12V 9Ah batteries 735 x 107 x 155 26
PSPM90KB Platinum Modular 90KW frame with battery option 1100x600x1475 (30U) 675
PSPM120KB Platinum Modular 120KW frame with battery option 1100x600x2010 (42U) 932
PSPM120K Platinum Modular 120KW frame 1100x600x1475 (30U) 335 or 333
PSPM180K Platinum Modular 180KW frame 1100x600x1475 (30U) 438 or 435
PSPM240K Platinum Modular 240KW frame 1100x600x2010 (42U) 549
PSBB280/9 Battery bank (30U). Includes 280pcs 1100x600x1475 (30U) 480
PSBB400/9 Battery bank (42U). Includes 400pcs 1100x600x2010 (42U) 760