ABB ConceptPower DPA 500 100kW-3MW

The UPS for those who need zero downtime.

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ABB’s Conceptpower DPA 500 is a high-power, modular and transformer-free UPS system for organizations who need zero downtime. The UPS is built using true online double conversion technology and provides low cost of ownership.

The UPS for those who need zero downtime.

True modularity up to 3 MW
Now you can have a UPS size to exactly fit your needs: The Conceptpower DPA 500 is the only modular UPS on the market that can easily be scaled up to provide 3 MW of clean, reliable power.  This scalability means that there is no need to over-specify the original configuration as power modules can simply be added, as needed, in the future.

True parallel architecture
Reliability and availability are ensured by the Conceptpower DPA 500’s proven Decentralised Parallel Architecture (DPATM). Each module contains all the hardware and software required for full system operation. They share no common components. Each UPS module has its own independent static bypass, rectifier, inverter, logic control, control panel, battery charger and batteries. With all the critical components duplicated and distributed between individual units, potential single points of failure are eliminated.

• 100 kW rated power module
• 500 kW rated power in single frame
• Extended power range: from 100 kW to 3 MW
• Unity output power factor (kVA = kW)
• AC-AC efficiency up to 96 %
• Efficiency in eco-mode ≥ 99 %
• Online Swap Modularity (OSM)
• Online serviceability
• Top or bottom cable entry (standard)
• Built-in back-feed protection (standard)
• Graphical display on system level
• DPA diplays in each module
• Maintenance bypass switch (optional)

5x Online Swap Modularity
Modules added to expand capacity are available right away – and existing modules remain online throughout the upgrade.

The lowest total cost of ownership.

The Conceptpower DPA 500 boasts the lowest cost of ownership of any UPS system by offering energy efficiency, scalability and ergonomic design to enable easy serviceability.  It can be sized to align closely with prevailing IT requirements, but can be added to incrementally as IT needs grow. This means that you only power and cool what you need. The resulting savings in power usage over the service life of the UPS are substantial.

Rack-mounted configurations can be right-sized by inserting or removing ‘online-swappable’ modules while the systems remain online, enabling power to be added as requirements grow without any footprint penalty. This makes servicing simple as modules can be replaced without powering down.

Together with the excellent efficiency rating (up  to 96 %) of the product, all these factors gives the Conceptpower DPA 500 the lowest total cost of ownership of any similar UPS system.

6 x frames in parallel can be scaled to provide 3MW of clean and reliable power.

Sized to fit your needs
Designers often over-specify UPS systems to take account of future demand growth. With the Conceptpower DPA 500, modules can simply be added in parallel to increase the system’s total capacity. The Conceptpower DPA delivers power protection from 100 to 500 kW (one to five modules) in a single cabinet. Cabinets can operate in a parallel configuration to build a system of up to 3 MW.

The Conceptpower DPA 500’s horizontal and vertical scalability allows:
• Flexible power upgrades and downgrades
• Easy maintenance
• Pay as you grow

Protecting power has never been easier
True, online-swap modularity enables the safe removal and / or insertion of Conceptpower DPA modules without risk to the critical load and without the need to power down or transfer to raw mains supply. This unique feature directly addresses today’s requirement for continuous uptime. The ability to online-swap modules in a Conceptpower DPA system significantly reduces its mean time to repair (MTTR) and simplifies system upgrades. The modular approach pays off too when it comes to serviceability and availability – online swapping of modules means you don’t have to switch off or switch to bypass during replacements, so there is no downtime.

High efficiency
The scalability of the modular architecture can deliver major reductions in electricity consumption and CO2 emissions. Not only that, but a class-leading energy efficiency of up to 96 % significantly reduces system running costs and cooling costs. But, more importantly, the efficiency is optimized with a very flat efficiency curve that enables significant savings under every working condition.

Uninterrupted uptime for Tier IV Data Centres
Our modern society is now largely built on a foundation of data. Health authorities, banks, government departments, retail outlets and almost every other organization that touches our lives rely on the safe storage of enormous amounts of data.  And safe data storage needs a rock-solid supply of power such as that shown in this reference example.

In a Tier 4 data center, it must be possible to undertake infrastructure work without disrupting the critical load. This requires simultaneously active distribution paths, typically in a system + system configuration. Electrically, this means two separate UPS systems in which each system has N + redundancy.

System power range 100kW-3MW
Nominal power/module 100kW
Nominal power/frame 500kW
Output power factor 1.0
Topology Double conversion, transformer-free, modular, Decentralised Parallel Architecture
Parallel configuration Up to 5 modules in one frame (500kW)/up to 6 frames in parallel (3MW)
Cable entry Bottom or top as standard
Serviceability Fully front serviceable
Back-feed protection Built-in as standard

Nominal input voltage 3 x 380/220V +N, 3 x 400/230V + N, 3 x 415/240V + N
Voltage tolerance (referred to 440/230V) For loads <100% (-10%, +15%), <80% (-20%, +15%), <60% (-30%, +15%)
Input distortion THDi <3.5% at 100% load
Frequency range 35-70Hz
Power factor 0.99@ 100% load
Walk in/Soft start Yes

Rated output voltage 3 x 380/220V +N, 3 x 400/230V + N, 3 x 415/240V + N
Voltage tolerance (referred to 400/230V) <±1% with static load/<±4% with step load
Voltage distortion <2% with linear load/<4% with non-linear load
Frequency 50 or 60Hz (selectable)

AC-AC Up to 96%
In eco-mode ≥99%

Protection rating IP 20
Storage temperature -25º to +70ºC
Operating temperature 0º to +40ºC
Altitude (above sea level) 1000m with de-rating

Number of 12V blocks/string Flexible number from 40-50 blocks
Types VRLA, vented lead-acid, NiCd
Battery charger Decentralised charger per module

User interface Graphical touch screen (one per frame as standard).  Decentralised LCD + mimic diagram (one per module as standard)
Communication ports USB, RS-232, voltage-free contacts, SNMP (optional)
Customer interface Remote shutdown, gen-set interface, external bypass contact

Safety IEN/EN 62040-1
EMC IEC/EN 62040-2
Performance IEC/EN 62040-3
Manufacturing ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, OHSAS18001

Weight  approx. 975kg (500kW system without batteries)
Dimensions WxHxD 1580 x 1975 x 945mm